NI was interviewed by Linea Blu

10 September 2022 - NI met Linea Blu on the beaches of the astonishing Parco Naturale di San Rossore. The full interview can be found here.

Field validation campaign in scree environment

19-21 July 2022 - Robots usually do not bear rocks, but this is not the case of ANYmal C. UNIPI, KU, UNISS and UNIMI succesfully tested the robot in scree habitats during this three days field campaing.

NI was interviewed by Linea Verde

25 May 2022 - Linea Verde came to UNIPI to get more information about the NI project! The full interview can be found here.

Field validation campaign in dune environment

15-19 May 2022 - The NI team spent five days in the stunning Sardinia beaches. UNIPI and ISPRA tested the robot in dune environment guided by the botanical team of Univerisity of Sassari (UNISS).

Field validation campaign in grassland environment

09-13 May 2022 - Many of the NI parterns met in Valsorda to test the monitoring capabilities in grasslands. UNIPI, ETHZ, CSIC, ISPRA and UNIPG guided two ANYmal C robots in these five days validation campaing.

Field validation campaign in forest environment

26-29 April 2022 - Four days in the astonishing forests of La Verna. These tests were conducted with the collaboration of UNIPI, CSIC and ISPRA guided the experience of the botanical team of Univerisity of Siena.

2022 Rome E-PRIX

9-10 April 2022 - NI will be present at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Rome

ANYmal on the beach for the first time

08 February 2022 - Some preliminary tests on a beach in Forte de Marmi (LU) before the upcoming Sardinia mission. We just need to fix a few details and we're ready to go!

CSIC-UNIPI Benchmarking Experiments

10-15 January 2022 - First benchmarking week at the Hospital Los Madroños lab, a CSIC facility close to Madrid, with extensive tests of ANYmal and SoftFootQ on slopes. The robot performed great, overcoming various challenging benchmarking scenarios with several slopes, testbeds and terrains.

First robotic environmental monitoring mission - video

22-23 November 2021 - Two days near Perugia, on the Monte Maggio, a zone within NATURA2000, a network of protected natural territories in the European Union. Several images and videos captured onboard through autonomous navigation missions to get feedback from the environmental health status, following the experience of the botanical team of Univerisity of Perugia. Despite the not so favorable weather, the robot worked great, and our soft feet too. First great real experience over 1000m a.s.l.!

Maker Faire Rome

8-10 October 2021 - NI will be present at the 9th edition of the Maker Faire Rome

Robotic environmental monitoring: challenges, opportunities, and novel advancements

2021 european researchers’ night - Italy

24 September 2021 4-12 pm C.E.T. - NI will be present at Bight Night, within the 2021 European Researchers’ Night event

ANYmal C joins UNIPI Team

01 September 2021 - ANYmal C arrives at UNIPI

kick-off meeting live

03 May 20201 2-6 pm C.E.T. - NI kick-off meeting will go live on ni h2020


The session H2020 Robotics projects will feature the NI presentation - 14/4/2021 ROOM 3 11:20 and poster session 12:40 - 13:20

kick-off meeting scheduled

The official Kick-Off (KI) meeting for the NI project has been scheduled for the
3rd and 4th of May, 2021. Save these dates!
Don't miss this event in which the organizers will present the NI objectives and activities.

the link to the virtual meeting will be published soon, stay tuned!

social & website up

15/01/2021 Follow NI activities also on social networks! linkedin | twitter |

NI begins

01/01/2020 The H2020 project Natural Intelligence begins, three years to make robotic environmental monitoring happen.