integrator 3

Tracked foot

A track foot for a multi-modal robot features a stretchable, reinforced belt loop, enabling superior traction and stability across varied terrains by adapting to uneven surfaces and distributing weight effectively.

Omnidirectional wheel foot

A wheel-foot with omnidirectional mecanum wheels enables movement in any direction, utilizing angled rollers for precise navigation in tight spaces and versatile applications in robotics and automation.

Hoof feet

This foot design, inspired by the mountain goat hoof, is a durable, one-piece polyurethane molding that offers three degrees of finely tuned compliance for Roll, Yaw, and Pitch. This foot excels in navigating challenging outdoor terrains while maintaining high performance in typical environments. The one-piece molding ensures excellent weatherproofing, eliminating mechanisms that could jam from mud or sand.

Multi modal robot equipped hoff feet

This advanced robotic system is designed for peak performance, featuring a sophisticated configuration with four legs. Each leg is equipped with four hooves to ensure maximum stability and adaptability. The hip and knee actuators are seamlessly integrated to facilitate fluid movement and articulation. These components are meticulously interconnected through a rectangular interface. Furthermore, the hooves are attached to an interface comprising two plastic parts that allow dynamic adjustment of hoof inclination, ensuring optimal ground contact and traction.

Multi modal robot equipped omidirectional wheels: OmniQuad

OmniQuad is a multimodal robot equipped with actuated omnidirectional wheels. The use of omnidirectional wheels improves the robot's locomotion capabilities, allowing it to move in any direction extremely easily!

Size[mm]: 430x520x500

Weight[kg]: 7

DOF: 12

Multi modal robot equipped tracks: TrackQuad

TrackQuad is a multimodal robot equipped with actuated tracks. The use of tracks improves the robot's locomotion capabilities, allowing it to move past all obstacles in its path!

Size[mm]: 430x500x500

Weight[kg]: 7

DOF: 12

Custom quadrupedal robot

Our first custom eight-degree-of-freedom quadruped robot. Quadruped robots are extremely agile and by using their legs they can easily overcome obstacles!

Size[mm]: 430x400x450

Weight[kg]: 5.5

DOF: 8