Natural Intelligence

robotic monitoring of habitats


Global warming and pollution are threatening the survival of one million over the eight million species on the planet. European answer to these threats is contained in the European Green Deal that recognizes the paramount importance of environmental monitoring, which today is entirely executed by human operators.

Natural Intelligence H2020 project aims to serve the European Green Deal with robots able to accomplish monitoring of natural habitats.


The NI approach is composed of three interconnected components: environment, body and mind. The environment, central for the NI research agenda, will provide in one side, requirements for the technologies composing the body and the mind, and on the other side the field against which such technologies will be validated.

The field validation will be carried out through the testing of three integrators on four habitats: dunes, grasslands, forests, and screes. . The whole process will generate metrics, protocols and testbeds to benchmark the technologies developed within the project.